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Exhibiton: The ”Stone made objects – Intangible heritage of UNESCO Global Geoparc”


During the Creative Traditions Forum, the visitors had the chance to visit, for the first time in Romania, the ”Stone made objects – Intangible heritage of UNESCO Global Geoparc” exhibiton, presenting the geoproducts developed within the Interreg Danube GeoTour and the products created by the partners from the Association of Women from Santamaria Orlea and Drag de Haţeg Association.


About the exhibition:



One fascinating way to express local geodiversity and its role in shaping local identity is to identify and tell the stories of stone made objects.

Most of the objects surrounding us are made from earth crust materials: rocks, minerals, metals.

A geological story about natural processes generating specific rocks in millions years until the moment when the Man turned it into objects.
An anthropological story expressing the ‘Earth’ or local custom that makes us think about something specific for a territory. It`s the way local communities used geological resources to create objects.

The story of our use of stone, and of the geological heritage behind it
from more than 30 European Global Geoparks related with their fabrication
and how this industry developed, decreased and died or is still alive
in a new socio-economic context.

The exhibition celebrates the European Year of Cultural Heritage and will
be enhanced with contribution from other Global Geoparks to become a
travelling exhibition and possible to be turned into an e-book.